Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sweet Painted Lady has MOVED!

Get off your booty!
Sweet Painted Lady has pulled her big girl knickers on and moved to a .com! You can now find me on :


Come join me for new exciting content and some of the old favourites!
I'm extremely grateful for your support and hope you will follow me on the new look page.

xx Melanie

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tiki doo

I decided to replant some succulents into some interesting containers.

Tiki Mug got a new doo!

Makes me smile every time I go into the kitchen



Monday, May 26, 2014

ModCloth "Wanelo "Uniquely you" " Challenge

I was approached by ModCloth to partake in a styling challenge with fashion inspiration site Polyvore! I have been a keen follower of the MocCloth blog and frequently admire the gorgeous dresses they have available so was only to happy to style a look around one of their dresses.

The styling challenge revolves around ModCloths popular Navy The Work to Play Dress which is available in a variety of sizes from XS to 4X.

ModCloth "Uniquely you" Challange

I decided it to reflect a weekend of WORK TO PLAY in our family! This can involve a make up client in the morning, puddle jumping with our son, brunching and scouring the weekend markets/ stores for vintage treasures

  • The You Bow What I Mint Earrings complement the shades of the shoes and dresses accents, don't want to wear them as earrings? Try pinning them to the dress as a petite group of brooches!

  • The Red Va Va Voluminous Petticoat is perfect for a random and flirty pop of colour under the dress while spinning on street corners while you take your daily outfit post picture

  • The Shoeful of Sugar Heels can be practical and pretty! Closed in for wet days, low heel for walking and keeping up with a playful toddler.

I had a lot of fun creating this! If only I had Modcloth and Polyvore in my closet......It would be very 90's chick flick clueless and a lot of fun to plan your outfits for the week.
You can check more of Modcloths beautiful dress range here, I currently have my eye on :

Guest of Honor Dress in Varsity Stripes                                                    


Dresses - Guest of Honor Dress in Varsity Stripes

 All for One Dress in Bright One Floral
Dresses - One Floral, All for One Dress in Bright

Also check out ModCloths blog! Its a weekly read for me as its always full on interesting interviews, craft, fashion and interiors!